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Is Facebook compromising your kids privacy?

We are introducing this new way to share information (or new language, to be precise). Since we realized that we can help and reach parents from the whole world, we'll try to upload some topics in english language, this time, thanks to, which express its concern about social network safety.

Is Facebook compromising your kids privacy?

Facebook is Evil...

Yes. I am talking about the social networking site which most of us use. A report in Wall Street Journal found that the phenomenal amount of personal information shared by Facebook members might be sold extensively to marketers, advertisers and data collectors.
It is estimated there are 500 millions users in Facebook. And there are hundred thousands of applications in Facebook. When you connect to any of the application, you agreed to share your information with them. I am sure many of us are familiar with FarmVille, Pet Society, Bejeweled, Mafia War, etc. These are some of the most popular games in Facebook. Once you connect to those apps, your personal IDs and profile will be shared to them.

I also got a shock when I went to one of the website. I just need to supply some basic information without password, I can see whatever I have posted in Facebook - photos, status, comments,.. I still wonder how on earth that website able to get such information.

When you put your photo, your profile, personal information on the internet, you will need to bear the risk of exposing your privacy. Although it is the website or company's responsibility to protect your privacy, you yourself have to be careful as well.

Most of the kids nowadays have accounts in multiple social networking websites like Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, etc. It is worrying that their privacy might be compromised. Kids might unknowingly exposed their identity to strangers. So, as parents, I guess it is important to guide your kids.

Some of the tips that you can advice your kids:
1. Do not post your latest status too clearly or the things you going to do, e.g. "Going to watch movie at Cineleisure tomorrow".
2. Do not know actual name or spell your name in full.
3. Do not 'connect' to unknown apps in Facebook.
4. Remove/Delete the apps if you are not using anymore.
5. Try to befriend with your kids in Facebook. This will help you to know what have they posted or how frequent they use Facebook.

As a parents, you will have monitor, guide and protect your kids and their privacy. If you have any tips, feel free to share.

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